First blog post, yayyyy :)

Hey everyone, welcome to my first ever blog post. I started this blog because I am forever experimenting and trying new products, therefore I always have the urge to blab about how good they are or how disappointing they are and talk about them endlessly! My poor boyfriend has got so sick of me talking about makeup, skincare, hair tools etc etc that I think it’s high time I shared my thoughts with a more interested audience.  So without further introduction here is my first product review.

The products I am reviewing are two members of the  MAC lipstick collection, these being the Cremesheen in the shade “Brave Red” and the Frost in shade “Angel”.


I choose these two lipsticks to review to show the range in shades across MAC. As is suggested within the name “Brave Red” is an extremely bright red shade, the sort of red that would be used in my case for more of an evening look. I did not purchase this lipstick myself but received it for my birthday from a friend. Although it is a gorgeous shade of red I will admit that it is a little outside of my comfort zone, I have owned many red lipsticks but this is definitely the brightest and most statement red I have come across. It is a beautiful colour but I feel like for my own personal preferences it is too much of a contrast between the bright red and my paler than pale skin tone. In my case the name of this shade makes a lot of sense as I would have to be feeling “Brave” to wear it in public! The texture of this lipstick seems quite thick, I don’t think this could be used to create sheer coverage on the lips unless you are extremely light handed and blot repeatedly! I find it to be quite difficult to work with because the colour is so strong that it is difficult to make any mistake at  all without it smudging all over your mouth making you  look like you put your makeup on in the dark! It is definitely made a lot easier when applied with a lip brush. However due to the dark colour I feel the lasting power is really good with an average time of roughly 5 – 6 hours!



In complete contrast to the “Brave Red” Cremesheen, the Frost “Angel” lipstick is a lot more daytime friendly, it is a beautiful nude pink that has been made famous as the number one lipstick choice of Kim Kardashian! It really is one of the favorite lipsticks in my collection as it goes with any outfit and can be dabbed on quickly and easily without the need for a lip brush, great for when your in a hurry! The texture of this lipstick is in my opinion very easy to work with and very moisterising. It feels gorgeous on my super dry lips, while the Brave Red shade feels a lot less moisterising and like it is just sitting on my lips Frost in Angel feels like it absorbs well into the lips providing you with a subtle but beautiful splash of colour that unlike “Brave Red” seems sutible for all skin colours.


Although I was dissapointed by the Mac “Brave Red” I have completely fallen for the Mac “Angel”, it has become a staple product in my daily makeup routine and one that I will most certainly repurchase! 🙂